Monday, 22 May 2017


Upcoming Cyber ​​attacks coming
Nowadays, radical changes have been observed in terms of technology, because the internet facilitates access to information and instant communication, and this means that people and institutions are in need of automating their environment by making it more productive.
The potential offered by having information is also a risk, since there are individuals or organizations (cybercriminals) that commit violent acts, that is to say, unlike to carry out a robbery with balaclavas and a white weapon, now they execute the same act attacking systems of Information such as: computer networks or databases found on remote servers.
In these times, keys of an electronic device are used to hijack or compromise the confidentiality or something inestimable as the data, then blackmail with damage or request a rescue.
Cyber ​​attacks can be directed to computer systems operating on the network worldwide, and have the ability to cancel the service they provide for permanent or temporary time making daily work difficult. The number of people affected may increase as countries join the digital revolution.
Cyber ​​attacks made headlines
Cyber ​​attacks are performed in order to subtract, edit or destroy information in a malicious way, thus obtaining money in cash or bitcoins (money in digital). At the moment this type of attacks has become a great threat for any person and company with digital information of value.
The main focus of action on cyber attacks in the current year, affect government agencies, telecommunications companies and universities. They are also aimed at theft of credentials, credit cards, and "internet of things" devices, so companies are seeing a need to take measures to manage computer risks.
Why take action? The goal is to predict and safeguard critical assets, systems and data with cybersecurity programs that contain tools, protocols, and trained personnel to combat growing cyber attacks.
WannaCry Case
In the last days several countries have been attacked by a computer virus called "WannaCry", it is a wave of mass propagation of ransonware that is in charge of encrypting important documents of a computing device and a So that they can not be executed; The screen warns the user that he has been the victim of a digital attack and that to enter his data must spend an amount of money.
Several experts in the matter say that the virus is based on a security failure by Windows, especially obsolete versions and therefore spreads vertiginously. Also, they have not taken the necessary precautions like updating the operating system, using the patch or a good antivirus.
Results of cyberattack
One of those affected by this virus was the telecommunications sector in Spain, the Telefónica company, when 85% of the equipment became infected, rapidly scaled nationally and internationally, adding health organizations and all types of networks.
What happened is of great gravity due to material losses, so it should be taken as a teaching and make everyone aware of the value of security and how vulnerable we are to cyber attacks.
Although reacting in time to minimize the consequences, not all companies invest or give importance to this imminence, taking measures of protection and detection to reduce the impact of attacks.
To conclude cyber attacks are unpredictable, the only way to detect and prevent information theft is to have a customized and adaptable security platform that can combat attacks against threats that are invisible to standard security defenses.

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